Ring of Faiyah_back

Welcome to RING OF FAIYAH, more popularly known as King’s Cup or Ring of Fire, but yaknow, FAIYAH adds perzazzzzz. RING OF FAIYAH is the deck that turns your boring night into the night it should have been.

Designed for a good and fun time – the instructions are placed on the poker card itself, so you and your friends have no excuse that you “forgot what that card meant”. We all know someone that forgets to raise their hand on card 7.

Although we are forever young and invincible, we are also growing old and increasingly  blind. With that thought, the numbers on the card are at a staggering font size 40. Don’t tell me you can’t see what number it is.

And for those of you that can’t handle RING OF FAIYAH (ew), I’ve added the suits so that you can always use these in your usual poker games.

Have fun and buy now.

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Especially perfect if:

  • You are trying to make new friends
  • You will be attending many parties that could get boring
  • You have intention to kiss the floor when you pass the fuck out at
  • Want a give a special gift but don’t want it to be too special or personal
  • Are a messy drunk and will end of losing cards or spilling drinks
  • Just because