Rules of the Game

The one un-disputable thing about Ring of FAIYAH is that everyone has their own kind of rules and people always fight about this. So once and for all, you can use this set of rules. Obviously, if you have your own preferences, do what you want gurl. You do you. 

The individual card directions are also written on your Ring of FAIYAH cards because drunk people can’t remember squat.


Set a big cup in the middle of spread out RING OF FAIYAH cards. Every player should have a cup of alcohol to themselves. One person starts off by picking a card, and all players go in a circle. Every time the King card appears, you pour a little into the middle cup. Whoever picks up the last King card must drink the whole cup!

Every card should be opened immediately so that everyone can see.

A – Never Have I Ever

  • Say “Never Have I Ever ___<insert something you have never done>___.”
  • Any player that has done said sin (usually a sin) before, drinks.
  • If no one drinks, you have to drink.

2 – Choose

  • Choose someone to drink.
  • Usually we pick someone who gets drunk the quickest, or the person who drinks the least.

3 – Chicks

  • Women drink.
  • If you identify as a woman, drink. There is no room for haters here at RING OF FAIYAH.

4 – Floor

  • Touch the floor. Last person drinks.


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5 – Thumb Master

  • Openly keep and display the card with you so everyone is aware of your superpowers.
  • At any time of your reign, place your thumb on the table and everyone must follow suit. Last one drinks.
  • You are no longer Thumb Master when a new one is elected.

6 – Dicks 

  • Men drink.
  • If you identify as a man, drink. There is no room for haters here at RING OF FAIYAH.

7- Heaven

  • Immediately, point your finger to the sky.
  • Discard the card.
  • If you’re feeling frisky, let the person keep and use the card until the next 7 appears. You are no longer God (heaven master? lolwhut) when a new one is elected.

8 – Mate

  • Choose someone to drink with you for the rest of the game.
  • If A mates with B, whenever A drinks, B has to drink too. But if B drinks, A doesn’t have to drink.


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9 – Rhyme

  • Pick a word and the next person has to rhyme with it. No repeats! The person who can’t think of a word drinks.
  • Example:
    • lamp – damp – stamp
    • lit – spit – clit – shit

10 – Categories

  • Pick a category & everyone has to say a word that fits. No repeats! The person who can’t think of a word drinks.
  • Example:
    • Sex positions: Missionary – Cowgirl – Doggy
    • Taylor Swift ex-boyfriends: Harry Styles – Joe Jonas – Taylor Lautner

Jack – Rule

  • Make up a rule that everyone (incl. you) has to follow. Anyone that breaks the rule, drinks.
  • The rule will be replaced by a new rule when the next Jack appears.
  • If you’re feeling frisky, all rules have to be obeyed till the end of the game. Unless someone’s new rule is to demolish the old rule (LAME).
  • Good examples:
    • Viking – You ARE the viking. Whenever, you put your fingers on your head, making horns, everyone has to start rowing, last person rowing drinks.
    • Swearing – If you swear, you have to put your chin on the table, and can’t remove it until someone else swears. If you remove it by accident, drink.
    • Gecko – Whenever you yell the word “gecko”, everyone must stick themselves onto a flat surface, like a gecko. Last one drinks.
    • Pointing – Simple, if you point at someone, you have to drink. This includes fingers, elbows, head-bobs, etc.
    • DDD Rule – You cannot say the words drink, drank or drunk. If you do, you drink.
    • Slim Shady – Every time someone drinks, the person on their left must stand up and sit down. Followed by the person on his left, until it reaches the person who drank. The person who drank doesn’t need to stand at the end (if you want them to stand, up to you). Think of it as a drunk standing mexican wave.
    • Who drank just now? – You have to point to the last person that drank before you drink. Everybody always forgets who just drank. HAHA
    • No Names – If you say someone’s name, you drink.
    • Only Names – No he, she, it, you, me. If yes, you drink. “It’s Gwen’s turn to drink. No, Gwen is not drinking that. Can Felicia stop pointing at Gwen, it’s rude.” I am Gwen.
    • Table is yours- Nobody else can have their cup touch the table but you.
    • Disco Fever – Person starts dancing (even a little finger disco or cabbage circle thingy) then the last one to dance drinks.
    • Ahhh! – After you take a drink, you must say “ahhhhh….” like in a Coca-Cola ad.


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Queen – Question Master

  • Openly keep and display the card with you so everyone is aware of your superpowers.
  • If you ask a question and someone answers, they drink. If they say “Fuck you, question master”, you drink.
  • You are no longer Question Master when a new one is elected.

King – Pour! 

  • Pour a little into the center cup.
  • Person who draws last King has to add to the cup, then finish it.
  • Example of interesting liquids to pour in:
    • Alcohol
    • Chili sauce


The game has ended.

And everyone should be laughing at the last king.


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